Our prices for translations are calculated on the foundation of lines. One line contains 52 strokes including blanks.

The price per line depends on the language and type of translation, the length of the document as well as the scheduled delivery date.
Our standard price per line is 1.10 Euro plus VAT.

In case of an extensive cooperation and regular ordering we will give you respective discounts.

Of course, you can send us your text at any time and we will immediately submit you a non-binding offer.

If you plan translation projects with us, we will be available to you under the telephone number
0049 172 794 55 29
to make an exact agreement.
  In case of very urgent commissions during the day as well as for performances at night and at the weekends we calculate an express surcharge of 30 % at maximum.

The additional costs for a certified document are 6.50 Euro.

Interpreting services are charged according to the time spent for the interpreter. The calculation is made on an hourly or daily basis and includes the necessary travelling time of the interpreter. If a company car is used, a corresponding mileage allowance will be invoiced. The client pays all travelling expenses and hotel costs incurred.